Is it possible to change my ATI HDMI output from stereo to 5.1

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Found 28th Apr 2009
Got a new laptop and pushing audio through the hdmi. When i try to configure them it only gives me the option of stereo.

Any help?

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Control Panel > Sounds > speaker setup thing?

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Thats where ive been trying, no option to allow 5.1

Laptop Make/Model No. & OS type XP/Vista B/P/U 32/64:?:

Checked High Definition audio driver:?:

the output is a bitstream depending on the source so what output are we talking about? from dvd playback software?, some you have to upgrade to "pro" versions to get 5.1 output.
Once that is setup it will also depend on the ability of the receiver to decode and output that, plus if its blu ray that is a different encoding and a diff story altogether.

oops almost forgot, you may have to make sure you have the right device selected via control panel sounds properties.


Thats where ive been trying, no option to allow 5.1

Maybe it's something you've got to set up in the Cataclyst Control Centre deely. Failing that, [url][/url] iirc is the internet's best source of ATi nerds, someone there will be able to help you out if my feeble guesswork doesn't.
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