Is it possible to change my hdd

    my portable hdd from ntfs ( or whatever it is ) to FAT32, without losing the data on it?


    No it isn't...It cleans the Hard Drive as it formats over

    Yes you can, with Partition Magic.

    You can but backup first! Best to move the data - format and move back.

    Just learn't somthing soz about wrong info

    you better backup everything on a computer or other external hard drive and do a complete format to fat32.

    i created a fat32 partition on mine, so its half NTFS and half FAT32.


    What are the advantages of fat32? I always format using ntfs.


    ntfs is better i think, fat32 doesnt allow files bigger than 4gb i think.
    i did it so it would work with my PS3,
    PS3 doesnt recognise ntfs.

    NTFS is the newer and better system, but anybody using Windows pre XP will not be able to read it. Some older versions of backup software which still work fine cannot read/work with NTFS and use Fat32 by default.

    If you really need some FAT32 space its worth considering resizing the NTFS partition and creating a new FAT32 one. Its pretty dated (FAT32) and certainly NTFS is better suited to a modern Windows OS. Partition Magic can resize partitions, but as with any major HDD operation, make sure you backup all your vital documents before trying it...

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    Im trying to use it for my xbox but it wont work, but i have nothing to back up all the data on it too

    what about the PC you are using at the moment?

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    It's very full and a smaller hdd than the portable one

    whats on the drive? i mean what are you trying to use it with your xbox for?

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    To play videos
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