Is it possible to connect 3 monitors to this z170 motherboard?

Found 28th Nov 2015
Hey guys,

Is it possible to connect 3 monitors to the Asus z170 Maximus Ranger mb? They say its possible but it only has a displayport and hdmi. Does it mean i have to daisy chain dp and have a compatible monitor with mst?

The other mb is Asus z170 pro gaming which has 4 different types of display outputs. will this be better/easier and i can just use the dvi, dp, hdmi, or vga simultaneously to run 3 monitors?

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Hi, yes it does. The third display would be run via the USB 3.1 port.
Oh wow that's something I hadnt thought of. Which is the best cable i would need? type c/a to hdmi, dvi, or dp?

Depends on what you plan to connect via HDMI/DVI/DP, you can pick up a USB-C to HDMI or DisplayPort adapter for around £10 and then connect up as usual.
A USB graphics adapter won't give as good an experience as a standard display output as it's doing on the fly compression to fit within USB's bandwidth. Type C can carry the DisplayPort signal from the motherboard - Thunderbolt 3 ports do it - but I wouldn't assume it has support unless it specifically says it does.

You can buy a DisplayPort MST hub to do multi-stream transport without monitors that support daisy chaining. Bandwidth is split between the screens though, so if you're looking at higher resolution monitors check they'll work within the available bandwidth beforehand.
Thanks everyone.

The Ranger MB does say it has 3 display support output. Whilst the DP MST Hub is an ideal solution, it wil be too expensive for me.

I'll try out what MightyName mentioned and if it doesn't work, I'll just buy a GPU which I will do eventually when I find a good deal.
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