Is it possible to connect a Laptop to a Bose Speaker?

Found 12th Dec 2009
I'm looking for a cable that connects the audio output from a laptop into the iPod dock of a Bose SoundDock speaker system. The only input to the Bose SoundDock is the iPod docking station. The cable would need one end like a regular headphone that plugs into a laptop. The other end (that plugs into the Bose SoundDock) would need to be like the the bottom of an iPod -- i.e., like where the iPod connects to the computer to sync or charge the iPod.
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Nope, not possible, I've never seen anything like this. You sure it doesn't have a headphone jack? I have 5 different iPod docks and all have audio in, even the £5 ones.
hmmmz i think is possible, on fleabay, search for ipod dock jack

male and female dock to 2.5mm jack perfick!

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