Is it possible to delay start date of new pay monthly contract (online deals)?

Posted 14th Dec 2011
Hi I'm hoping somebody can help me in setting up my new mobile phone contract (pay monthly with a new sim card and phone).

My current contract with Orange ends 25th January 2012, but I keep seeing online deals via this site and as my contract is nearing its end date, is it possible I can go for one of them now before the deal(s) end/expire?

i.e. can I agree today to taking out a mobile contract, but delay the start date to the end of January 2012?

Any help MUCH appreciated!

Thank you :-)

The deal I would like to go for today is this one:…e=1

SE Experia Arc S in White
Its on T mobile (so I'll switch from Orange and get a new SIM and phone - I prefer getting a new number every few yrs (weeds out junk/spam texts/calls!)
24 Months, 600 mins, 500 texts, ultd data for £23.03 (after £60 auto cashback)

Only prob I think I have is that if I buy it today, my contract with T-mobile would start today so I'd be paying for Orange and T-mobile contracts (an overlap of at least a month, which can't afford!)

Any ideas at all? I will try contacting Dial A Phone to see if they can delay the start date of the contract with T-mobile...
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