Is it possible to do this with O2?

    I have a little cousin who surpassed herself last month by sending some 2000 text messages. This lead to lots of arguments and her phone getting confiscated, and that's no good for the girl. Good for the phone bill, given that she's 15 and on PAYG, but not so much for her.

    Me on the other hand, I have the O2 Unlimited Text bolt-on, and while it's useful for me, I don't really make that much out of it. I probably don't send that much more than one or two hundred messages each month. I think I can accomodate her sheer gobbiness if I let her share my contract. But, there's the question - how?

    Would it be possible to grant her access to my O2 online account so she could text using that and from her web browser, but in a way that means she can't see anything else to do with my account with O2, and can't change anything with it? Or can anyone else think of a way that I could donate my limitless well of texts to her in a way that won't end up with me having to slip her little brother a tenner so that he'll kick her arse for me?



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    Topping it up lots, I guess. Or maybe it is a contract, but not with O2 and its magic bolt-ons, or something.

    let her get a sim only 30day contract with unlimited can pick them up for a good price last I heard.

    Very unlikely and I wouldn't advise it anyway. Helping people in that way, even with the best intentions often leads to tears, trust me. She has to learn the value of money

    ive got same prob with dd - but hers is a pay as you go - used £20 in a flash and i wont give her no more money to top up

    13yr is on £15 a month and doesnt use half of hers - my angel

    was wondering if there was a contract with so many texts etc each month which they cant exceed - capped or whatever

    would appreciate any help

    (apologies to you dxx - not stealing your post - just the same prob - xx)

    ]£15 with unlimiterd texts & 350mins and it's only a 30 day contract so she isn't tied in to anything longterm.

    You might be able to get a better deal than that, all I did was a quick google.

    You can get an 02 bolt on PAYG - Top up £15 a month and get unlimited texts. Sounds like what you could all do with.

    Bit daft if you have to have "5" members, it should be up to 5 really. Unless DXX knows 4 other people who would want to sign up with her ?
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