Is it possible to find the owner of a domain name without using whois?

    Any help much appreciated


    nope, whois the only database to display that info... you may be able to contact Nominet and get the info but not sure if they do this?

    whois isn't a database, its a lookup protocol thats connects to the relevant database (eg nominet). There are numerous services which use whois, I tend to use because its easy to remember!

    Oops, it's late (_;)

    as Jah said, a who is a website look up on a database, and I also use

    I think nominet cover all domains, so when you use a 'whois' service it connects directly to the nominet database and does the look-up. Other domains are more varied - for example uses the tucows whois database and uses the enom database...

    Some sites don't work on all whois lookups - for example sites, which are run by Janet instead of Nominet, don't appear with all the info on
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    Good point Jah, it will depend on the domain, to who controls the domain., .com is done by Icann, .net and .org ares done by Network Solutions (Verisign),
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