Is it possible to get a deal on buying a TV and console together?

    I am looking to buy a TV (probably in the £400-500 range) but am also interested in picking up any of the current gen consoles. Nowhere seems to do TV+console bundles so I was wondering if you guys know of any ways to combine the purchase to get a discount? Any help is appreciated.


    There doesn't seem to be many deals on a tv and console together. ....

    There's some tv deals in your range on here.... have a search.

    I think I just saw a 49" Samsung 6000 range in your budget.

    Some good console deals too....

    If I were you it would best and prob cheaper to get the best tv deal and console deal separately. ....

    Additionally, the shop selling the tv may also do consoles. ..... if you tell and show them the console deals they may match and give you a discount too. ....

    Give a shout if you need any further help. ...

    Personally I'd try and up your budget on the tv...
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    The second link is the shop I thought might do a PS4.... it doesn't. ....

    A few years ago I bought a tv and PS3 and surround sound for £600. Tv was ex display but haggled them down from £750. Tv went faulty a few months later so claimed on the whatever happens guarantee. They repaired it but it broke again a week later. Spoke to them and they said they shouldn't have repaired it the first time. They then gave me a code to take down to my local currys which brought up a tv of equivalent specs. The only one they had which came close was a £1200 led tv. I was allowed to get any tv up to the value of £1200 and any remaining they put on a gift card. So all in all I got a £1200 tv. Surround sound. PS3 and a netbook all for £700 lol. Apparently as technology moves so fast the same thing is happening more and more. But anyway you may be able to haggle if you take out the guarantee etc as they get more commission the more guarantees they sell.

    On another note I got a £400 washing machine for £230 using the we will beat any price. Basically went into Currys and comet had the same machine for £350 so got currys to beat it. Then went in to comet and got them to beat the currys price and repeated this a few times until currys said they can't anymore so bought it from comet for £230 lol

    Best chance of a deal is somewhere like Curry's near the end of month as sales targets need to be met and as long as you are prepared to haggle you will get a deal.
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