Is it possible to get rid

    of the grey bar at the bottom of Google Chrome? I have done it in other browsers but can't see how to do it in Chrome.


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    Upgrade from xp

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    Upgrade from xp

    and it's on my Windows 7 laptop too

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    Adam2050 to this you can't.

    That's pretty daft of Google. Sometimes the status bar covers the width of the screen and inhibits use of the scroll function "V".


    Why is it annoying you?

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    Why is it annoying you?Ahhh.

    Along with some people, yes

    Snowpake will correct it (old joke)


    i like it

    surely given that it pops up when required to show information you can just hoever off the link to access whatever element is 'underneath' it - or scroll the page a bit??
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