Is it possible to make money from Internet Forums

    I have an idea for an internet forum. I would not be doing it to make money but it would be good if it covered my costs and time over a few years. Does anybody have any experience in setting up forums? Am I being realistic?


    I dunno, but one can certainly be ridiculed for referring to one's self as 'one'. (You edited your title now, making this sentence look stupid lol)

    Running a forum can be tough work, a key part of it is ensuring you have a good team on board. If you have idiots as your moderators, things will fall apart quickly. You need to attract an audience and give them a reason to use your forum instead of one of the other twelvety-billion out there. Constructing and designing the forum isn't so hard if you're using a simple template, mine was an Invision board but that had numerous flaws. Using a custom one, which I believe this one is, I would presume is much harder work. You'd also need to dedicate a lot of time to it.

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    one is not amused..

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    It depends on what your area of interest is, really. If your forum relates to consumer goods, then you can get by quite comfortably by including an affiliate link at the top of the page that just says "Help support us by accessing Amazon through here", or words to similar effect. Otherwise, you might have to resort to Google Adword links, which are really not an especially high-profit means of bringing in revenue, and nor do they look particularly nice. And that's assuming they aren't blocked by Adblock in the first place.

    Setting up a forum is easy, though. First, you decide on the forum platform you want (phpBB, vBulletin, Beehive, etc), second you buy some webhosting (with an inclusive domain name) that includes the requirements for your chosen forum platform (usually, this is just MySQL and PHP support, which everyone does), and then you follow whatever the manual says until you have a functioning forum. Shouldn't take more than an hour or two for a n00b, doesn't take more than five minutes for someone with experience. Third step, you customise your forum template, give it your own logo, set up what forums you have, and shizzle. Fourth, you have to seed it with a ****-load of content, and fifth, you have to open it, and advertise it around the 'net.

    It's all quite easy, although it can be very time consuming. All in all though, you don't make forums for profit, you do it because you want to make a forum. You can easily make enough to pay for the webhosting, but don't expect vast sums of cash.


    Got a guy at work trying to launch a new website along the lines of buy swap or sell, he really hasn't done his market research lol
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