Is it possible to mix and match tv and internet providers?

Posted 13th Sep 2016
I currently have the Big Kahuna package with Virgin Media. I am paying £80.48 for this (I am no longer in a contract though) - XL tv, VIVID 200 optical fibre internet, and Talk unlimited (price includes telephone line rental). I'd really like to reduce this monthly outlay if possible. My son plays a lot on his gaming computer - XBox and live gaming, etc. I use the internet for work and I have my 16-year-old daughter using a laptop at home as well.

Is it possible to mix and match suppliers - ie, keep the VIVID 200 optical fibre internet with Virgin Media and then perhaps get my TV with perhaps SKY? I'm thinking of perhaps getting rid of the landline phone to save on the telephone line rental and talk unlimited (I have unlimited calls on my mobile tariff so could do without a landline).

When I joined Virgin Media, then installed a cable box on the sitting room wall - I have thick, white cables running into the TIVO tv box and another going around the room which plugs into the Virgin Media router box. If I get SKY, would I need another router box and/or more cables running around the room - sorry, I don't know if it is possible to have two suppliers set up in the same room with the internet and tv?

I have also been looking at the Vodaphone deal (saw it advertised on tv today), where you can have optical fibre internet and not have to pay the monthly landline fee, even though they put one in if you don't have one (you need a BT Openreach line) - they also give you a new telephone number if you want it - this cost £28 for up to 76 MBps. Has anybody actually taken up this Vodaphone deal - is the internet speed any good?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.
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