Is it possible to prevent data from my micro sd card being copied and pasted?

Found 19th Feb 2012
Hi I have a micro sd card with important files on them which other people have access to. I'm fine with this but i want to prevent the files from being copied and pasted onto their own computer. I'm sure there is a way to do this but not sure how.

Someone told me to highlight the files, right click, go to properties then select read only. I tried this but i then put the micro sd card into another laptop and i was able to copy and paste onto the desktop. I don't mind people seeing the files but don't want them to be able to cut or copy.

Ive even hear someone say there is a way to disable right click for the sd card. IIs anything posible?

Kind regards
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Lol, I clicked on hide files. I've hidden them now and dont know how to get them back
The 'read only' option just stops people opening them and making changes to them. For example, making a Word document 'read only' would mean just that - you can only read it, not edit it.

There's no simple way to do what you want to. You can look into encryption software, but it's not particularly straightforward to use.

By the way, to see your 'hidden' files, go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View > check 'Show hidden files, folders and drives'. You'll now be able to see the file again, so highlight them, right click, go to Properties and then untick the 'hidden' checkbox which you ticked. Go back to Control Panel, Folder Options to hide hidden files again.

Or if you're familiar with the command line, cd to the directory and do attrib *.* -h (or something like that).
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