Is it rip off britain??? Need a french speaker please

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Found 15th Sep 2008
I need a new prop shaft for my Renault and was wondering if someone would be kind enough to speak to a french renault dealer and get a price for just the part. or even part plus fitting. I'd happily nip across the channel to get it fixed if it worked out cheaper - or even just get it shipped over here to get it fitted at my local garage.
Can anyone help?


Why do you need a new prop? Most unusual item to replace.
How much have you been quoted in UK?
What kinda Reno is it?

Renault are SOOOOOOOOOOO expensive to get fixed, they wanted £900 for a new turbo for my laguna and that was before any fitting shennanigans had taken place!!

try a non-renault garage, renault wanted £500 odd for a cambelt my local garage did it for £200 they will do that sucky thing when you say renault tho lol

try ]German, Swedish and French car parts and see how much they do them for. I wouldn't expect much cheaper parts from a dealership in another country really. Theres also [URL=""][/URL]. I've used both in the past to get much cheaper, but still decent quality, parts for VW's and BMW's

If you still want to go down the french route and you can find a dealer with email you could use this translator…url

As the previous poster said [url][/url] I was quoted £140 each for Espace brake disks from the main dealer, I picked original equipment ones up for £15 each from euorcaroparts. Also there many companies that overhaul prop shafts, and drive shafts often on an exchange basis(do a search) they hardly ever need replacing unless the splines are damaged. If you are still going down the French route find out the part number from Renault UK this will make ordering easier as you wont have to translate any technical words.

OEM is the way to go, much cheaper than dealer and same stuff really

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Its a Scenic RX4 - apparently its a common fault and Renault dont make the connector thingy any more - they only supply as a complete item now
cost from renault approx £650 (not sure if its + vat) and then fitting on top

If you do decide to channel hop with the car if it is still running take your registration document with you (log book - whatever its called) Had to had exhaust fitted once in France and they asked for this. Thank God I had it with me.

PM sent

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Just checked Eurocarparts but they dont stock prop shaft. Thanks anyway
All help appreciated. Especially solidamber
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