Is it safe in yr opinion to sell an item on ebay to Czech Republic

Found 1st Mar 2009
Or is it a scam?
I've heard the storys about africa etc
Ive had a message from a lady in czech republic says she will pay paypal etc, do u think its risky?
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mmm consult the ebay gods on here .. I duuno I would be wary
yeah, i am a bit wary, its an expensive bag so dont want to lose all my money
the porter;4521916

i have sold all over the world on ebay over the last 7 years and never … i have sold all over the world on ebay over the last 7 years and never had a problem with any international buyer ,just check their feedback, make sure its a confirmed address, send the parcel international signed for and you should be fine, and also add a few quid on as well cheers

i think there was some issue back a while ago where someone sent something to Italy and they claim to have never got it and then did the paypal trick and got a refund of all the money and kept the item ( I might be wrong but sounds familiar ) , and the OP was advised to get a proper address and get it signed for
ok thanks guys
Personally, I wouldn't and don't accept offers any longer from overseas. I got into a right mess with something sent to mainland Europe by international signed-for that didn't arrive for more than a month. It all worked out fine in the end, but it was an absolute nightmare chasing it up as both Royal Mail and the postal organisation at the other side blamed each other for the 'loss'. Luckily my buyer was a decent sort, but it's made me wary and caused both of us a lot of stress...
i personally wouldnt send abroad, postal services between countries can be a nightmare when things go wrong
avoid east europe i sent an item on 17th feb to czech republic the buyer claims he never received it and has put a claim in with paypal and paypal always favors buyers
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