is it safe posting items abroad to an unconfirmed address?

    im selling phones on ebay and i wanted to know if someone can scam me using the unconfirmed address scam. ive never been scammed like that before but how do they do it and can i avoid being scammed even if they have an unconfirmed address??

    or should i only send to confirmed addresses??

    probably another ask dino question but all replies are welcome




    nope its not safe, although quite alot of overseas are unconfirmed

    Do Not Send It To An Unconfirmed Address!!

    You should only accept a Paypal payment from a buyer who has a verified paypal Account and a Confirmed Address. If not, you takes the risk of being scammed. End of.
    Read the Paypal U/A regarding seller protection.
    Just because you have not been scammed yet does not mean you are immune.
    If my buyers do not meet my requirements regarding Paypal, I refund their Paypal payment and instruct them to pay by 'other' means.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the replies, i didnt mean that im immune from being scammed because i havent been scammed yet i just wanted to know what scammers do when they have an unconfirmed address.

    oh well il edit all my listings saying that i wont post abroad



    Flippin eck, I think you need to read the Paypal U/A.
    It not just overseas buyers that can scam you, UK buyers can as well if they don't have a Confirmed address and a verified Paypal Account. You will have no paypal seller protection.

    ]https//ww…Yes What is Seller Protection? PayPal is committed to protecting our sellers against fraudulent chargebacks by buyers. For World Sellers, if the seller follows the established PayPal Seller Protection Policy guidelines, including sending goods to a US buyer at a Confirmed Address, then PayPal will protect the seller.

    For what situations will I receive Seller Protection coverage?
    [*]Credit card chargebacks from fraudulent card use.
    [*]Credit card chargebacks for false claims of non-delivery
    [*]Buyer complaints for false claims of non-delivery[/LIST]
    What is not covered under Seller Protection:
    [*]'Significantly-not-as-described' chargeback claims
    [*]Transactions to non-US buyers.
    [*]Transactions to US buyers who do not have Confirmed Addresses
    [*]Any transactions in which the seller did not follow the SPP guidelines[/LIST]


    Seller Protection Policy Policy was last modified on 11 January 2007.
    [*][LEFT]Purpose and operation. PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy is designed to protect sellers against claims by buyers of unauthorised payments and against claims of non-receipt of any merchandise. In order to be covered by the Seller Protection Policy, sellers must fall within the risk reducing conditions specified in paragraph 3 (Policy Conditions) below.

    [COLOR=red]When a seller receives funds through PayPal, if the buyer files an unauthorised transaction claim or escalates a dispute into a claim or if applicable, otherwise files a claim under PayPal’s consumer protection programmes (a “Buyer Claim”), or if the buyer reverses a payment transaction with their debit or credit card issuer (for example, by filing a chargeback), a “Temporary Hold” will be placed on the funds. In the case of a Buyer Claim, in situations where a dispute preceded the claim, the Temporary Hold will have been placed when the dispute was filed and will be maintained if the buyer escalates the dispute into a claim. If the transaction qualifies for the Seller Protection Policy, the temporary hold will remain until the claim has been resolved. Depending on the amount credited to a seller’s PayPal account at the time the “Temporary Hold” is put in place, it may result in the seller owing an amount to PayPal while the payment transaction is investigated.

    If the transaction does not qualify under the Seller Protection Policy, PayPal will review the Buyer Claim, including all information provided by the seller, and make a determination. In the case of a reversal/chargeback, PayPal will determine whether the reversal/chargeback can be disputed with the card-issuing bank. If PayPal disputes the reversal/chargeback, the “Temporary Hold” will continue until the dispute is decided by the applicable card company.

    If the seller loses a Buyer Claim or a reversal/chargeback dispute and does not qualify for the Seller Protection Policy, the seller will owe PayPal for the amount of the reversed transaction. In the case of a reversal/chargeback, sellers who do not meet the requirements of the Seller Protection Policy will also owe a £7.00 GBP reversal/chargeback fee. PayPal will seek to recover the funds from sellers by debiting their PayPal balance. If there are not sufficient funds in the seller’s PayPal balance, sellers have a choice of reimbursing PayPal by funding their PayPal account or by other means as described in the
    [/COLOR]][COLOR=red]Payments (Sending, Receiving, and Withdrawals) Policy[/COLOR][COLOR=red].

    If a reversal/chargeback dispute is won, the “Temporary Hold” will be lifted and the seller will be free to use those funds, but the seller will be charged the £7.00 GBP chargeback fee if the transaction does not qualify for Seller Protection.
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Coverage (amount and exclusions).[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Amount: Seller Protection Policy covers up to £3,250.00 GBP per year.[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Exclusions: Seller Protection Policy does not cover:[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Intangible goods, such as services and sales or licenses of digital content. Only the sale of physical goods is covered.[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Claims for receipt of goods “not as described”: Reversals/chargebacks arising from claims that goods are received but "not as described". To reduce your risk of "not-as-described" claims, PayPal recommends describing your item in a clear, detailed manner and including pictures of it in your offer for sale.[/COLOR][/LEFT]
    [*][LEFT][COLOR=red]Total reversals over the annual limit: Once the £3,250.00 GBP annual limit has been reached (or the equivalent amount in the relevant currency below), the seller may be liable for additional reversals/chargebacks. At PayPal’s sole discretion, select sellers may qualify to receive additional coverage above the annual limit.[/COLOR][/LEFT]

    I do sometimes get buyers with 'unconfirmed' addresses.
    When this happens, I let them know that due to their address being unconfirmed, there will be a delay in sending out their item whilst their payment is being processed - I then wait until the money has reached my bank account. I also state in my auction that dispatch will be delayed for low rated and unconfirmed buyers, if we feel it neccessary
    I know that Paypal could still take the money back from me, but when it has turned out to be a scammer Paypal have taken the money back within a couple of days.
    I know that this is not foolproof and you should check out their username history, feedback and their recent purchases so you can find out if there could be anything remotely dodgy going on.
    Obviously, you run the risk of getting a negative feedback if you refuse to go through with the sale, but if it doesn't feel right then go with it.

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    thanks, ive just edited my auctions so i will only post to the UK and america where people can confirm their addresses as i didnt know that if they are in any other countries they cant confirm their addresses.

    thanks for the help again.


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