Is it safe to buy from eBay paying with bank transfer or cheque?

Found 3rd Jan 2015
Hi I want to nuy something from eBay. The seller wants cash on collection but he would send the item with a courier if I pay with bank transfer or cheque is it safe?
Thanks for your help
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Have you won an auction? If so, what were the payment terms? Most say 'Paypal'. If you use any other method you won't be protected from fraud. Beware. There are loads of scammers on EBay.
I made him an offer which he would accept but he claims his PayPal doesn't go through
I wouldn't ever send someone a cheque or BT for something on eBay, if you are collecting the goods then cash on collection is fine, if you want them to send the goods then Paypal is the only way to protect yourself.

What would happen if you transferred the money via BT and then they didn't send it? You would be out of pocket, not worth the risk.
Is a postdated cheque safe?
Nope ...paypal only or forget it, I am sure paypal has to be offered as a payment method on eBay these days

Is a postdated cheque safe?

I wouldn't even do that, wouldn't be hard for them to alter the date , some banks don't even check dates on cheques and just bank them.

Honestly the only safe way is Paypal or cash on collection.

I made him an offer which he would accept but he claims his PayPal … I made him an offer which he would accept but he claims his PayPal doesn't go through

100% Back off. PayPal only and do not collect in person. If you collect in person then cash only.
You wouldn't be protected if you didn't get the item I don't think. I would stay away.
i remember a time when i first joined eBay when cheques were the normal way!
cost of envelopes, stamps, hassle of banking cheque and the time involved was a joke!
in those days paypal had a number of competitors including nochex
however that was a very long time ago - now paypal is the only method i'd trust
I would only pay with PayPal if he doesn't accept paypal cancel the transaction it's not worth the risk.
Cheque will take 4 days to clear -strange a seller wanting a cheque But if its not an expensive item and the seller has good feedback it shouldn't be a problem . As a rule of thumb if seller has more than 100 feedback at 99% then its probably safe however you pay . There are a lot of scams on EBay but no seller would risk their hard earned feedback for an insubstantial sum .
I have problems with Paypal, so he could be genuine, best to collect and pay cash.
Cheques act doesn't need a date on.chq anyway. That's why bank
No it's not safe, sounds like a case of buyer beware!
He is probably just wanting to save some of the fees he would incur with Paypal.
I thought you had to accept Paypal unless its collection only? Seller is blatantly trying to save on fees. Unless its something you really want I'd walk away.
Don't go there. I can imagine you next thread, " I have paid for this by cheque and never received my item, what can I do?" ?? Answer - not a lot.
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