Is it safe to fly with British Airways in the next two weeks?

I'm looking for a flight from London to San Francisco, leaving on the Dec 23rd and returning home on the 31st (arriving on the 1st). British Airways have some of the cheapest direct flights, but with everything that has gone on with them lately is it safe to purchase a ticket with them? The last thing I need is to be stuck there or paying for another flight.



I wouldnt but up to you really int it whether you want to risk it.

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I wont if there is a chance that I could be left without a return flight, I don't need the stress of wondering if my flight will be cancelled the whole time I'm there, lol. I'm just not completely clear on what is going on with them. I heard that they might strike again but not until the new year?

They wont be striking till the new year. it will take time to organise another vote. Enjoy youre holiday!


what does their website say.....i thought it was all documented when they are striking?

seems a bit odd they are selling flights if they wont have any staff, they dont need anymore bad publicity

i wouldnt worry

if you're worried about them going bust, you're ok. They'll never go bust. Either the Spanish airline or the Govt. will save them. If you're worried about a strike, it won't happen during the dates you've metioned. So as others have said, book your holiday and have a good time in San fran. PS. I've been there before and it's quite nice.

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thanks for the reassurance. i've read that the cabin crew may hold another ballot early in the new year, but i guess that doesn't hurt the dates i have in mind.
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