is it safe to sell your computer?

    just looked at the for sale or trade forum and saw a computer for sale. I was thinkin, is it actually safe selling it.
    I think i read somewhere that system restores don't clear evrything off your computer, which could leave information of credit card details and passwords still in the systems memory, and a big dirty thief who knows how to recover such information could be the client.

    i was considering selling my laptop but didn't want to end up selling my bank account, casino accounts etc as well as my laptop.

    so is it actually safe?


    Also a good idea to change all your important passwords using a safe PC before you sell too.

    The only way you are ever safe of completely erasing all details on your hard disk is to remove it, smash it with a big hammer, burn it, smash it again, run over it a couple of times and then drop it off the side of a ship on a cruise in the middle of the Atlantic. But in all seriousness, i have a friend who works for the police in this department and all these shredding and bleaching programs you can get are no way foolproof (un)fortanately(depending what someone's trying to hide) and they can retrieve just about anything.

    What is wrong with filling hard drive sectors with zeroes?

    I put them in the loft and keep them forever! Last time I went up there I spied a ZX Spectrum, an Atari ST, an Amiga 500 and a 386 something-or-other. There is also a Sega Megadrive, a Nintendo 64 and a Playstation 1 (from before they were called 1, when they were just Playstations!) And do you remenber the games? Lemmings, Pac-man, James Pond? There are Trolls, a Castle Greyskull and Thomas the Tank Engine videos up there too (the ones where Ringo Starr narrated).
    Ooohh I'm feeling nostalgic

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    lol, so i take it that its best not sell it. guess ill be using the same laptop for a while now.
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