Is it safe to telephone bank from a digital phone?

    Is it safe to telephone bank from a digital (DECT) phone or a mobile phone? Basically all the phones in our house are either digital cordless or mobile. Is it easy for strangers to listen in on them while you are giving passwords etc? Thnaks


    Easier for them just to tap your phoneline.

    yup if youve got a reason to believe someone may be targetting you, then take care, otherwise the odds of someone being outside your house purposefully listening in are nonexistent. Imagine how many phonecalls about haircuts, digestive problems, and the weather theyd have to sit in on before possibly hearing a call with information they could use in it... nobodys got that sort of time! However, GCHQ will be listening in...

    Scanners can sometimes pick phonecalls up from your locality. There is a risk from that too I suppose!
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