Is it safe to update to android oreo on my S7?

Found 7th May 2018
Ok guys here's the question. I'm currently on android 6, after having a total nightmare last time I update my phone to android 7. Battery life was the biggest problem.

Is it safe to try updating to android 8?
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I’d wait a while it’s only new and a quick look on Xda there’s a fair few phones stuck in a boot loop, Android updates are like the Wild West at the best of times hold off a few weeks.
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It's recommended to factory reset after a big update. Back everything up beforehand that you want to keep. There are back-up apps on play store
I just updated mine, didn't worry about backups, never had a problem
did mine a few days's made the phone faster in my opinion. no issues to report
I'd say it's safe, have a couple of S7 edges and they are both running fine with Oreo. It's really surprising that Oreo was pushed out to the UK first, before anywhere else!
ohhh i looking forward too this update
i checked for update and it was there a 2 days ago, now it saying there no update, looking forward too this one
On both my s7 edges, Oreo is a wonder, UI is near enough the same as my S9+ and no problems at all with performance, multitasking and speed. I think it's the most optimised of all.

The July patch, which I've only got on my BTU s7 edge and not on my XEU one yet is said to make the battery life even better but time will tell. Haven't noticed any difference yet with the July patch but as long as it hasn't gone worse
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