Is it safe to update to android oreo on my S7?

Found 7th May
Ok guys here's the question. I'm currently on android 6, after having a total nightmare last time I update my phone to android 7. Battery life was the biggest problem.

Is it safe to try updating to android 8?
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I’d wait a while it’s only new and a quick look on Xda there’s a fair few phones stuck in a boot loop, Android updates are like the Wild West at the best of times hold off a few weeks.
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It's recommended to factory reset after a big update. Back everything up beforehand that you want to keep. There are back-up apps on play store
I just updated mine, didn't worry about backups, never had a problem
did mine a few days's made the phone faster in my opinion. no issues to report
I'd say it's safe, have a couple of S7 edges and they are both running fine with Oreo. It's really surprising that Oreo was pushed out to the UK first, before anywhere else!
ohhh i looking forward too this update
i checked for update and it was there a 2 days ago, now it saying there no update, looking forward too this one
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