is it snowing where you are?

Found 7th Feb 2007
as theres been some heavy topics on here tonight i thought this might be ok.
seeing as the weather forecasters reckon we are going to get heavy snow thought it might be a bit of fun finding out where has the first snowfall.:giggle:
afterall there must be members on here from all over the UK:-D

no snow in south wales yet
if this isnt allowed sorry

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Nothing in East Anglia.

None in Newcastle. It snowed last night and most of that melted away through the day. I expect we will get a flurry through the night and that will be it. Looks like the south has got it worse tonight and tomorrow.

nothing in birminghham

none in surrey

umm no snow here in shropshire

i don't think it's due to start until early hours. about 3am-ish

it's suposed to be really heavy though and my area comes to a standstill on a normal day, let alone in snow :roll: gonna be fun driving around tomorrow...

yes the last lot we had , wasn't snowing when i went to bed but in morning>>> loads! so probly going to be the same tonight

No snow here in Lincolnshire and don't expect to get any:-D

Just flippin freezing cold:x

No snow here in Lancs. Like jonthevillayboy I don't think we will get any.

no snow in north wales ........yet!!

none here in northampton, but there's one hell of a frost!

Nice to see everyone's got valentines avatars now :w00t:

I feel for you if you have to drive out in the morning!
Wrap up warm


i don't think it's due to start until early hours. about 3am-ish

Heheh it's like a timetable :giggle:


I feel for you if you have to drive out in the morning!Wrap up warm

omg this morning! was fuReeezing!

usually isn't to bad when it's actually snowed, for some reason i feel warmer, maybe because the sun reflecting off the whiteness :?

No snow in Hull but i`ve just picked the wife up from work, car white over with frost and it`s -3.:santa:


I feel for you if you have to drive out in the morning!Wrap up warm

I have two young kids who always want to help de-ice the car. Need to go out around an hour before I have to leave it takes them that long :giggle:

Raining in Mid Devon.

Snow ? What snow ????

Nothing here either but it's not likely to snow here unfortunately!


there are a few die hard deal finders that will proberly still be up at … there are a few die hard deal finders that will proberly still be up at

Like me, keep looking out of my window every few minutes to see if it's started yet...I am very excited *waits patiently*

(none yet in Yorkshrie)

It's snowing heavily in canterbury - probably 2" snow on the roads already.

I just made it in to work - was a very dicey journey down the country roads.


nothing this morning :-( not even any frost on the cars!!!!

think my son will be disappointed when he gets up and realises he has to go school :giggle:
"I want snow", "I want snow", "i want sno...." (you get the picture ) :santa:

Snowing in Derbyshire, visability poor, got to go and feed the animals, spare a
thought for those who of us who work outside.:)

snowing in staffordshire

snowing in the west mids , a fair covering, can't believe they've shut the school, any excuse !!!! Any1 wanna babysit!!

snowing strong in north london. kids are very happy!

Here'es a piccy of my close as is now:

I'm off school, WAHOO!!!

its not half as bad as what they made it out to be .. buts it is snowing which means I have had problems getting into work ... what a shame (!) hehe

Not a thing in East Anglia. Just windy and a little bit of rain.

Very cold here!

pretty picture emasu!

there was no snow to be seen at 3:30 this morning then I was greeted by this at 7:30.

This is Hertford- Hertfordshire

Snowing in Barnsley...

Nice pics amino

snow in surrey!, secondary school shut!, smaller ones open as usual


Nice pics amino

thanks, just snapped it quick with my K800

No snow in Lancaster, but everyone's talking about it happening sometime before Sunday.

Snow in Dunbar nr Edinburgh. 3rd lot this year.

Hope you all enjoy it while its here.


Only rain earlier on in Teesside.Nothing now and the sun is shining.:)

started snowing in south London about half three.
school is open which annoyed my boy. He's going to Germany on Saturday, hope the airports are ok.
still snowing heavily in the City but not settling because of all the cars and people about.

No snow in Inverness just a horrible frost. Kids are on half term now so I really want it to snow. It might amuse them for a while, might stop them killing each other!!

Plenty of snow in Milton Keynes!

You can tell kids are of school!
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