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Is it true that calling Lebara and LycaMobile is now charged at international call rates and outside your allowance on any network?

Posted 9th Jun 2010
My friend spoke to T-mobile rep and was told that apparently a big meeting was recently held between all the mobile phone companies and they've come to the conclusion that Lycamobile and Lebara are foreign networks and should no longer be considered as a UK network.

This means that whenever you call someone on one these networks, you'll not only be billed outside your line rental allowance but also charged international rates from your mobile, can anyone confirm this is the case?

I think this is crazy, as how are we supposed to know who is on these networks without a foreign number in place and it's not like we're going to ask every person we come in contact which network are they on.

Surely there should be some procedures to protect us from this before this is enforced, if at all.

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