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Found 27th Nov 2010
Hello, I'm going on holiday to Australia in two weeks, and was wondering: Is it worth getting Evisu jeans in Singapore/Hong Kong? as I was going to buy a pair in mighty Blighty, but thought it may be cheaper over there?

Thanks in advance...

PS. Also, would it be worth buying headphones in Singapore/Hong Kong, compared to mighty Blighty?
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Pretty much all electronical items are much cheaper to buy here in the UK, so i would say buy the headphones here.
Clothes should be cheaper over there though, depending on what you are after.
Don't know about anywhere else but Hong Kong is not cheap. (_;)

How much you gonna spend on headphones.Available in poundland. Guess how … How much you gonna spend on headphones.Available in poundland. Guess how much.

you drunk brah?

perhaps some people will want some headphones that actually work or allow you to enjoy your music, not some tinny £1 headphones
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Do the £1 ones still fry your ears? I bought some years and years ago, they had some nice faulty wiring and kept giving me little burns every now and then.. Took me about a month to bin them though (dont ask me why, just young and pretty dumb probably!)
Hey dont know if youll still read this, I went to HK about 2 weeks ago im backpacking and on a major budget....Clothes in areas in Hong Kong are cheaper by maybe 15% ish Electronics are not in fact there more...but Fakes if thats youre thing are very very cheap...Also if its possible and you have the visa...get the Underground to China and goto Shenzhen then Dom Mem in China (all spelt wrong).Here electronics are ridiculously cheap clothes are practically given away!!
For example I bought an AMAZING quality pair of fake monster headphones the small ones an iPhone plug and adaptor and a portable Charger for my iPhone all for £10 yep thats right. This had a street value of over £250 but they are all fakes great fakes but fakes!
Also on the clothes front didnt see any Evisu but bought some Tracksuit bottoms for hikes for £2 Abercrombie ones and an Adidas Jumper for £4. Hope this helps if you read it
Thanks Luke, i may look to wait for HK rather than buy in Singapore then!
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