Is it worth buying a brand new treadmill?

Found 24th Apr 2018
Is it worth buying a treadmill from a retailer, say for £300, or should I just buy a used one from eBay/Gumtree?

What are the downsides to buying a used treadmill over a new one other than minor wear and tear?
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Used all the way, find one that doesn't groan or judder when in use and find out how often its been used and when it was last oiled\greased?

Also see if you can still get spare parts if needed.

Go see some, ask to use it and let it run for 5 minutes and listen to it in operation. Then run on it for 5-10 minutes and see what you think.

Check all the operations like incline, speed increase, decrease, heart rate, emergency stop etc.

Most treadmills will have done way less miles than projected so as long as its not been left to dry or the electrics have got wet it ahould be fine.
Treadmills can be very useful if you haven't got a lot of time on your hands.


Save the money and step outside.
Budget dependant though, if you have the money to buy new I couldn’t suggest any better way. At very least view and test it first.
Its cheaper works just the same, treadmills dont break most are used as clothes hangers.

A treadmill is like wine and woman gets better with age.
I know a lot of people leave these as ornaments ( not used)
Sports equipment is often bought and then hardly used , 18 months ago I wanted a cross trainer, went to see one advertised locally as second hand for £50 only to find it hadn't been used and had stood in their garage for the 6 months since they bought it for £550 . Lovely machine but didn't have space for it in the end . I would try second hand first and view and test before buying .
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