is it worth buying a laptop with i7 7700HQ or should i wait for 8th gen?

Posted 10th Feb 2018
Hi everyone, just seen the dell 14% off deal for valentines day and considering buying the following deal
7700hq i7
gpu is 1070.
screen is 4k.
8gb ram,
1tb 7200 HDD
it comes to aroudn 1400 which is fine for my budget but is it worth waiting for the 8th gen equivalent of the 7700?

I saw a youtube benchmark test which found the 8550U beat it on single core performance which was concerning. I wont be doing video editing but more gaming and 4k films / vids
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Really does depend on what want to use the laptop for.very unlikely the 8th will make any difference. With the money you save you could install more memory which would make a bigger difference. But I wouldn't buy anything with a CPU ending in U myself.
The '8th generation' parts are actually exactly the same design as the 7th generation ones, just tweaked clockspeeds. For sustained loads like gaming I suspect the variants with the 45W TDP would sustain performance better than the 15W TDP ones.

The actual 8th generation parts (Cannon Lake) due this year will likely now be marketed as 9th generation. They're probably going to be a bit of an improvement across the board but going by previous changes it'd be a surprise if they were a big one like for like. Although there is the possibility than Intel bumps the 45W variants up to 6 cores to match the desktop models and provide more differentiation from the 4 core 8550U et al, but that's just me speculating.
Yeah. I was hoping to wait for the equivalent of the 7700 in latest generation... Ie 8700 because of the increased power and clock speeds but it doesn't seem to be coming soon and not sure if I should wait or just order now?

Especially since the 8700 greatly outperforms the 7700 desktop variants.
Would anyone rrecommend the 7820hk?
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The 8700 is faster than the 7700 in multi-threaded tasks because of the two more cores. You'd definitely have to wait for Cannon Lake for that. If there is a Kaby Lake 8700HQ it'll be a four core product.

Cannon Lake could launch in the spring. Kaby Lake was autumn 2016 and a year and a half is about the norm.

You probably won't lose much by waiting a few months if you don't need the machine right now. I don't watch Dell closely but 14% doesn't seem like a large discount for them.
Ah okay. I think the 8850 is meant to be the equivalent refresh processor. From what I've read they've lowered the clock speeds and increased the core counts.
Hopefully it's coming soon! Don't fancy spending 1. 5k. On something that's gna be old fast!
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