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Is it worth buying a merc with high mileage

Posted 3rd Dec 2010
Hi All

I have been speaking to my local mercedes dealer and asked him to let me know if there were any C class (I would like a c220 auto, facelift model, with leather, parking sensors, memory/heated seats, bluetooth etc) merc that someone selling or as part exchange for a newer model (unfortunately buying a new merc is out of my reach for now) mercedes.

I spoke to him yesterday and he advised me of the following:-

Silver clk 200 kompressor avantgarge registered in Septemper 2005
4 seats
Ex Demo - so it has parktronic, Black leather, heated seats etc.
1 owner
just over 133k
Full Mercedes Service History
under 7K

The dealer will get the car in Dec/Jan and advised me that it will be sold as seen to trade but he thought I might be interested. I do like the sound of the car but I am worried that with such high mileage. If it was a diesel i wouldn't be so bothered as i think they would go up to 200k. I think it would be more problematic in the near future and will end up costing me more with repairs (although i would be taking it to a merc specialist instead of a merc dealer) etc. I do not know anyone who has a petrol merc with such high miles (it mainly diesels). The dealer will not even check the car over unless I pay for it ( i believe he said it might be better getting an independent inspection.

I do not plan on doing a lot of miles, at present my yearly mileage is between 7-9k.

Has anyone bought a merc with such high mileage and has it been worth it or more trouble than its worth? Do you start to get engine problems with it being such high mileage? What should I look for when checking this car? Should I stay away from this one and look for a slightly older model with less miles? I would like to know more and any advice you have will help me in making my decision.

I am hoping someone out there will be able to help me with a query. I do want a merc and I have seen just a few posts relating to high mileage (mainly diesel cars) which suggest they they are scarce.

Please help
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