Is it worth buying a refurbished laptop off ebay?

Posted 21st Sep
the laptop is about £1200 brand new and is now £800 refurbished, it has minor debt on the back but I am not bothered by it, the seller is very reputable as it has over 35000 stars.
the only think i am wary of is battery problems and any faults is not covered by a warranty.
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There is a slight risk, hence the saving, but I would expect a 12 month warranty which should be enough for any dodgy repairs to show up.

And a brand new battery wouldn't be a massive expense if it came to it after that.
Any specific example you're thinking of that would be a "fault not covered by a warranty?"
Presumably professional seller so the trader is obligated to cover usual 6months (minimum) consumer obligations unless otherwise stated and appropriate to the refurb price. A battery is classed as a consumable and often has specific life expectancy stated by the manufacturer or refurbisher.
Just my view from a few bad experiences .

A refurb , or customer return must ,presumably have had something wrong with it to be returned ?

I have bought new in the past , returned because of a small fault . Had it back effectively NFF , reprogrammed , self tested and back to me fault still apparent . Have always got a refund after one return when buying new . I've wondered what happens to that Laptop ? Presumably sold on as a refurb ? with the annoying little fault still there ?

Wish they would say what was wrong with it and what has been replaced - but they never do - just self test and reprogram at the most .

If you are computer savvy maybe you can give a refurb a thorough going over yourself , but if not (like me ) I would go for a new one . Never had a refurb but have managed (fairly easily ) to get a full refund (and compensation ) on ones I have bought brand new but have niggling little faults that a return to manufacturer didn't fix .

No expert , admitted , but I would never be comfortable with anything but brand new . TBF your consumer rights are the same (in theory ) but you have far more chance of a refund (for little faults ) with a manufacturer than with a "back street repair shop ".
Not worth it. Save the hassle and buy new
point #1 - never buy a laptop new or refurbished because it is "a deal"
point #2 - if you have any concerns whatsoever simply do not buy
point #3 - if you are happy with a refurbished buy from a dealer - preferably not from ebay
point #4 - recommend you take a look at
£800 with limited warranty..No thanks. It's gambling and if it don't work out you will be asking yourself questions
wayners22/09/2019 09:23

£800 with limited warranty..No thanks. It's gambling and if it don't work …£800 with limited warranty..No thanks. It's gambling and if it don't work out you will be asking yourself questions

How about if I tell you that the laptop has till Nov 2020 and if I bought it from currys it would only be 1 year
So why you asking? Buy it and save £400.
wayners22/09/2019 11:18

So why you asking? Buy it and save £400.

I was just asking to see as I assume it must have been bought last year November and so why did they return it now
Been drinking and ordered. Liked the buzz of ordering then realised it was a pile of cash just to surf net. Who knows, but my household are constantly returning stuff where I never do.
For anybody asking it's the surface laptop 2
For that much money I doubt I would, may depend on the seller. Argos often have good refurbished deals, the one I got from there was brand new as far as I could tell, for half the price.
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