Is it worth buying an iPhone 5c

Found 1st Oct 2017
Hi guys

Just as the title says, these are now £99 brand new and I was thinking of buying my 11 year old one for her birthday.
Just wondering if it’s still worth it , and will all the apps still work ok
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I went for for 5s for £50 more, as it’s 64-bit and has the fingerprint sensor
There all old and won’t be updated any longer. Maybe if you can stretch to a 6 and put it in a 6s box so she looks cool at school
In all honesty, the 5s can't hack iOS 11 so don't get that. In a couple months time the 5c will start to crash because it won't be able to run the updated version of the apps. The iPhone 6 is effectively cheaper because it will last her longer and she's only 11 so she doesn't really need the latest and greatest. Also accessories wise there are a lot more available for the 6. Hope that helps.
I think it’s still a good phone but avoid the 8gig version as it runs out of space quickly
I looked at buying a 5c from cex a few weeks ago as I have an android Samsung phone at the moment that I don't really get on with. Even the salesman kindly put me off buying it by saying that it was considered old technology and because it wouldn't support the latest IOS 11 update it would be better to spend a little more on a 6. For future proofing buy the 6 and let the 5c go.
Its 4 year old technology and was probably behind time when it was released so i would probably avoid
I used to love my 5c lasted years
Trouble is once she gets used to an I Phone (of whatever vintage ) she'll then want a newer model in a few months and so on (and they aren't cheap ) . Get her an Android phone ( whichever you want ) then there is so much more choice and value for money available went she wants a newer one .
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