is it worth buying good speakers

    my guests(friends) criticise me for lack of speakers(because i only have laptop speakers) and I was going to buy them anyway.

    The questions is: is it worth buying good speakers like…tml
    or…8XE are more than enough for a student room?

    I mean, I love my music and I don't really have much cash to spend, but I am on the line of making this investment.

    There is another point to whole situation: I am from another country, and I might decide to change places(or countries) more or less @ any moment, so getting some big ass speakers might be a downside. But again... I love good sound.

    Speakers would be used mainly for music.

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    Depends what you're playing. If you're only playing MP3s, then no, not really. Ordinary PC speakers the kind you get with a PC package still suck, and laptop speakers definitely suck, so it might be worth picking up a better set PC speakers for playing music from your computer, but it's not worth buying really good regular speakers.

    If you're listening to CDs on a stereo system, then yes, absolutely, get something good.
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