is it worth buying kindling for a fire bowl

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Found 26th Jul 2014
Description says it all really. Does anyone have much experience. Just bought our first fire bowl. Have dry logs but they are chunky and paper... Needless to say once the paper went out no fire was left and the log was barely touched? Any tips would be great.

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We always use paper and kindling in our woodburner, the paper alone doesn't burn long enough or hot enough to start the logs burmimg

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Where do you get your kindling from? Are b&q or Amazon any good for this sort of thing or are there better sources?

Deffo get some kindling. Firstly, loosely ball up 4 or 5 sheets of newspaper, on top of that lay about 8 sheets of newspaper twisted hard into lengths then build a little wig wam affair of about 10 or a dozen pieces of kindling. Light the loosely balled paper at the bottom in 2 or 3 places, only when you see that the kindling is properly burning add some larger pieces of wood. When they catch you can start adding your logs. Hope this helps!

Forgot to add, Wlkos is a good place for kindling and you often find it on garage forecourts. Also, if your going to use firelighters (available from both of the above) place them on top of the balled up paper, you should only need 2 broken up into 3 or 4 pieces. You'll be a boy scout in no time!

That should of course read : Wilkos.

99p firelog slice off bits and get some small twigs too that should keep it going..

scab a used pallet from local company then chop it up, lot of the pallets are nearly brand new so good starting wood.

Buy a small hand axe/hatchet and you can make kindling from your logs or any scrap timber forever ;-) we have a real fire so lite it everyday in winter and I've heard all these newspaper twisting stories. We just scrunch up a full paper a page at a time with some kindling on and Woosh!!! no messing :-)

Seriously, try Doritos (or cheaper versions) saw a youtube video of people doing it and tried it when we had a fire in an apartment in lanzarote and it worked perfectly. Kinda scary how much oil or whatever is in them that they light and burn so well.

I just use scrap wood from diy around the house and chop it up with a small hand axe
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