Is it worth getting a waterbutt?

4 Bedroom suburban semi and considering lack of rain I seem to be using alot of metered tap water, to try and stop my garden grass from dieing, my fruit tree's from dieing, my front garden plants from dieing...

I am well aware there's been little rain in the south east so I wouldn't collect much anytime soon...

So yeah the long term HUKDer tightwad in me is wondering if investing in one would reap rewards long term?

Tesco have a cheapy not built to last 200litre one for £40
Other sites have sturdy nice ones 280litres for £100

All useful replies etc welcome.



Defiantly worth getting one. I've got a 230L one (i think) on a 4 bed detached and it doesn't take a great deal of rain to fill up. Its also much better for your plants. i use rain water on my house and outdoor plants with a little bit of miracle grow and they're all blooming.

In the long run it would probably be beneficial, try and work out how many time you need to fill the butt up in order to recoup your outlay.

Alot of houses now are staring to use grey water systems to cut down on water use these days . . . doing their bit for the environment.


I got a waterbutt. Maybe it's the way I walk.

£100!!! Mine cost £12 they saw you coming!

If you are on a water meter and planning on staying put for a while definitely worth it.

def worth it, we are on a water meter and have 2 water butts on attached to the garage and 1 to the house and we collect plenty of water, dont know hw much of a difference it makes to how much you pay the water company i just do it to conserv water and also veggies etc prefer rain water apparently. argos did do one for £19.99 a few weeks back but think its back up to £24 now for a 100l but it comes with tap and diverter and stand so its a good price also wickes do this one…674

but you have to buy tap etc for extra i think.

A free wheelie bin from the council can be converted into a water butt very easily.

its also better for the plants as using freezing cold tap water can damage the plants, if you use air temperature rain water this is much better for plant growth


A free wheelie bin from the council can be converted into a water butt … A free wheelie bin from the council can be converted into a water butt very easily.

we have to pay 25 quid a wheelie bin here !

Original Poster

Wow alot of replies, thank you.

I;d rather pay £100 now for one that will last over a decade.
Than £20ish for one that will possibly break in a couple of years.

What tools did people use to cut into their downward drain pipes to divert the water?

I just used a tenon saw, 10 minute job. I wouldn't bother spending a fortune on the water butt with the worry a cheap one might break, theres nothing to break! Mines a £30 Aldi one. If you want to use a hose with it you can get electric pumps too.

Edit; I put a extra downpipe clip above and below he diverter too, just to prevent the downpipe slipping.

My £12 butt has lasted for 5 years, and still looks good as new, I reckon it will last longer than me.

So she said.

If anyone one from the Chesterfield area wants one freebie PM me and I will point you in the direction of free re-usable plastic barrel's, just need a blast out with a pressure washer the place is happy for people to take them, they also make handy composter barrel's

I thought this was ref colonic irrigation


If you divert all the rain water onto your garden you can stop the water companies charging you for waste water off the roof. Ha ha as if that would ever happen.
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