is it worth getting british gas boiler homecare

    as above cos in my old rented flat the boiler went and with labour etc came to nearly a grand (landlord paid) now i have bought a house are schemes like this worth it


    If you bought protection on every single thing that they offer you (boiler, washing machine, fridge etc) - then you'd always be skint !

    It's up to you if you think it's worth it.........

    Powergen did a cheaper (still doing in a handful of regions) deal, nearly 1/2 price of British Gas.

    Alternatively, service the boiler every year (costs ~ £60) and take a ]Home Emergency Cover from Swinton for just £60 an year. This should cover the boiler & other home emergencies for £750 a time (unlimited call out), in parts & labour. For this to cover the boiler, the unit should be serviced by a CORGI man once a year.


    Don't go for British Gas - their service was appalling. Although they guarantee to do a repair in X hours, they get round this by not answering the telephone. I spent weeks trying to get through to them - never again.

    But definitely get it serviced every year. Some of the independent schemes offer an annual service in the price, some don't.......

    And switch your heating on for a couple of minutes every week during the summer. After 3 months of doing nothing sediment collects in the pump and when you switch on in the autunm, pump will burn out. Apparently autunm is when most peoples heating fail......


    It's worth getting your boiler serviced, definately. If you come to sell your home you can prove the boiler has been serviced. Also if your heting goes you could be looking at upwards of 3000 to replace it - worst case scenario. Not to mention the 2-3 days you won't have heating or hot water.

    For a new boiler, definitely not.

    It's a bit like accepting and paying out for an extended warranty which no genuine financial adviser would ever recommend. What ever equipment you buy, always go for a well known, reputable brand. Most trusted brands are so reliable now, it just isn't worth it. However, it's worth asking how long the (FOC) standard guarantee is for.

    For an existing boiler, I generally would say no providing it isn't too old or has problems.

    We had a BG central heating maintenance contract for 10+years. They spent 20 mins tops on their annual visit. At 1st they covered the whole system, including the shower that they installed but finally only maintained the boiler.

    On their last visit we called them out because the pilot light was burning orange but the 2 fitters told us that it was fine and they just turned down the flame.

    Our neighbour, worried for our safety, called in a mate (an industrial boiler fitter) who works for his firm. He said that if the boiler had been properly maintained, the problem would never have pappened, that BG do as little as possible and repair only when it's unavoidable. On their next visit, he said, they would have told us that we needed a new boiler when all that they needed to do was clean the existing boiler thoroughly, so that it would burn efficiently.

    Our bolier is working fine now and he said that it's OK for a few more years. We intend to replace it soon but we will not be buying from BG.

    I would say definately NO. We had it twice (silly that we did not learn first time) and they have a clause in it where if you need a "powerflush" done on your system then you are not covered and hey presto, each time we needed a repair (that cost them anything) then they said "oh, its because you need a powerflush". Thats was my experience with them:x We did our own flush of the system and it cost a lot less than £400 quoted by them and it now works ok as yet.

    Chances are you won't need it.............what you have to consider though is if it all does go belly up with your boiler etc. then can you afford to replace it.
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