Is it worth getting specsavers enhanced eye test (oct scan?)

Posted 6th Jan 2023 (Posted 14 h, 12 m ago)
Its £10 extra but not sure if its worth it
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    Had this done about a year ago. I'm 34, paid online. After the optician completed the eye exam he practically laughed at me for upgrading saying the enhanced eye test is for people over 50!
    Still the optician did the extra tests and did run though what extras he was doing at the time. But I won't be paying for the enhanced test again for a while. (edited)
    My wife had it done when she was 29, they found a deformity at the back of her eye. We got an appointment booked at the hospital for more intense examination. Luckily it seems to be a benign genetic deformity but we were both glad it was found and checked. As a glasses wearer myself I always get it, for the sake of £10 to help ensure there are no developing issues is worth it. I offset it by not getting new glasses if my prescription doesn't change much!
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    Got it done, everything normal.

    The thing is that equipment they used are exactly the ones used in past (one with air baloon thing and one next to it that shows the green light). The only difference was they showed an image of my left and right eye at the end of the scan. Took total of 3-5mins max, 10mins talking which included the lens check, 5mins for payment, offers options and tighening current glasses. (edited)
    This is very helpful. I've never fancied it as I didn't like the idea of something 'scanning' my eyes but is it as you say - the same equipment but just does that extra function?
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    As one would expect and people have said, if they find something, then absolutely worth having done; if they don't, then a waste of money (edited)
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    Got that done last time it will probably be free at some point but i'd assume not soon as its a expensive bit of kit. Worth the £10 for the scan of your eye to see eye health
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    I have lots of history with my eyes - I now have Low Vision. During opthalmic hospital visits free oct scans would often be conducted. A brilliant piece of kit. The images are superb - almost a work of art. The hospital also had software I believe which could compare the previous image with the latest. Not sure whether SS have this or indeed retain your images.
    But I do know, that these images enable an optician to spot all manner of things that cannot be done via a slit-lamp examination. Early detection for many conditions is vital.
    Like many healthcare provisions SS and the NHS are not fully joined up, so if you recently had an oct scan in the NHS then there is little point paying for an SS one. But if not, worth every penny if ultimately it prevents weakened vision.
    It will be my first ever oct scan if i go ahead with it in few hours time
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    Definitely worth it. You'll need to book it though I would have thought?
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    Yeh, it takes a 3D map of your eye and can detect potential diseases that may be lingering before they become symptomatic up to years later. They keep the image on record and it is compared everytime you go for a new scan.
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    tbf I prefer just eye scans than actually readings for glasses,same can't do eye test wherein its just check-in eye health
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    £10 for your sight? bargain
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