Is it worth getting the iPhone 7 or SE at the moment?

I was planning on buying the SE for 360 but as the 7 is around the corner I am not sure now?
It is a massive 240 extra but surely it is a better phone and more of an ideal size.
On average what would they both be worth in a years time? because I was thinking the depreciation would be lower on the 7 so it must be worth getting that instead but I am not sure.
Thank you


No - enough said...

I wouldn't pay either price for any phone...

SE owner here and it's brilliant, just my opinion of course

If you're not used to big phones the iPhone 7 would probably be too big. SE will be perfectly fine having the same spec as the 6S. Depends on if you think the extra money is worth the extra speed and minus the headphone jack. If you want a bigger iOS device without selling your kidney probably worth looking at the 6S too.

I went from a 5s to a SE . Didn't want a bigger phone - easier to smash the screen .
I can't tell much difference tbh . Save your money



A new one every year..

I've got an iPhone 6 and I have ordered a 7 plus on the upgrade program only because I'm guessing that as next year is the 10 year anniversary of the iPhone then Apple will (hopefully) make some big changes and I will swap the 7 plus for the new model, if your not looking at the 7 plus I would personally say buy the SE as there isn't really that much difference between the 6s-7 , don't listen to the apple haters, they are like robots

iprats will buy the 7


Agree wiv wot M4rky said...

Original Poster

thanks for replies haha
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