Is it worth getting this MacBook air??

    I know some one who is selling one of the 2008 model MacBook airs for 630 pound it's brand new was wondering if it's worth getting and would it be ok putting the latest snow leopard etc on it?!


    2008 is not brand new

    All depends on what you want to do with it?

    Normal Web browsing and the like would be fine, anything more you might struggle with (remember there's no built in CD drive on these things so do your homework & add that onto your budget)

    they make great frisbees

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    I Meant new as in never been uses

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    That will do everything fine,it may struggle on heavy video editing but thats it,i had one from release day and never had an issue with it,.the price on the one you have been offered is nothing special though,if you have a look at the one I sold a few months ago on here it may give you an idea

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    only thing putting me off now is the rubbish ghz which is 1.6ghz
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