Is It Worth It?

    I atm have a bright blue iPod Shuffle,
    Now my headphones are breaking, and my friend has said he will buy my shuffle.
    I was thinking of buying the new red iPod shuffle as headphones are £20, and the shuffle is only £32
    My friend offered me £17, but is the colour alot worse?


    the red is a pretty good colour,best one of the lot if you ask me

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    Do you have one?

    yes indeed

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    Could you post a pic pls?

    no as its left in my gym locker all the time,haven't you ever seen one?

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    Yeah but not a red one lol!

    Apple shop is the place to go if you are near one,also by buying the red one you are helping charity

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    Mmm just not sure if it is any better than the old blue

    Apple - iPod - (PRODUCT) RED

    If it's colour you're bothered about then it's purely opinion: we can't help you there.

    I quite like that colour!

    i love that colour is have the red nano


    I won't sell it if I were you

    this Pody is quite cool

    you can sell it to your friend if you have another MP3 or have a clear idea of what to rock with after this one is gone.
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