Is it worth upgrading to a unlimited package for landline?

    I spend a few quid a month on calls, sure not much but this is all landline and 0845/0870 numbers so it may be worth just paying £5 or so and ringing family whenever I want.

    Is there any good deals around or any adivce people can give on their experiences.


    For free calls on 0845/0870 use this web to get the alternative landline number (already cheaper) and then you can use o2 offer for Pay as you go like "Favorites places" - top up 15£ a month to get 500 or 1000min for free. Regards, John.

    Asda (Vodafone) PAYG does do calls 8p/min texts 4p each. Credit doesn't expire at the end of the month, either.

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    Should of mentioned I was talking about my landline phone since right now I only get free calls after 7 and the few calls I do make are before then or rushed in (like my bank closes at 8 and I have to factor in a phone call before it closes)

    I have been on saynoto0870 but that doesnt have numbers for places like local councils
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