Is it worth upgrading to Leisure Select on the Eurostar??

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Found 4th Aug 2008
I was just looking for a bit of advice from anyone who has traveled to Disneyland Paris via Eurostar... preferably with children...
I am traveling with my 9 year old daughter, and wondered whether or not it was worth the extra 150 quid to upgrade, as the standard fares available for my dates are at better times for me than the leisure select ones.
I would appreciate views from those who have tried both... many thanks!

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We went Leisure Select in July, I would never go back to cattle class. (Sorry.) It started the holiday off perfectly. In cattle class you dont even get room for you suitcase!!! Honestly you have no where to put them. Leisure class you get food, drinks, oh and a place for your suitcase to go.

There is so much more room in Leisure select...

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Thanks fitzynat...standard class no different to Virgin trains then...

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Only going for 2 nights mind, so won't have much luggage.

If you really have £150 to give out, it can PM you my paypal adress

More seriously, I took the eurostar a couple of times, and just used a virgin train (London Manchester), and yes, they are quite similar inside (although virgin trains are pendolino trains, whereas eurostar are French high speed trains).

For the luggage 'issue' the best is to be in the first to boad the coach. Not really difficult if you don't mind waiting 5-10 minutes standing (start queueing before the call for the train is made - taking Eurostar is really more like taking a plane than any other train).

The true question is: "is it the best way to spend £150 in a 2 day trip in France?". The ride is 'only' 2h30.

That's my advice, but I can understand people do prefer to go leisure (or business) class. I just wish I could afford it :whistling:

It all depends if money is not too much of an issue! Sorry sounds rude... Disney is so expensive inside so if budget is a bit tight then save it for spending there. If money is not an issue as such then i would definately say upgrade...

Cattle class didnt ruin the holiday but we were alot more stressed, whereas in Leisure it was lovley. Looked forward to the return journey instead of dreading it. Especially with kids...

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It is usually the journey that i dread and get quite stressed usually, so i was hoping leisure would be a better option.

Same as us, honestly if you went cattle class then Leisure you would really notice the difference. We actually looked forward to the journey home. Our little boy had his portable dvd player, plugged it in to their sockets so lasted the whole journey.

The journey was relaxing and you felt pampered...

It's absolutely worth it. The service we received was outstanding.


If I had to pay £150 to upgrade on Eurostar, I'd choke! As it stands, I could upgrade for £25, but unlikely I would.

Dunno if things are different now, but it meant you got a meal and wine. Disney trains were excluded - so effectively your getting a poor deal compared to upgrading on a Paris or Brussels train.

Up to you though. Id tend to agree its a bit of a cattle market in standard, but its not that bad imho.
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