Is it worth waiting for Black Friday on certain PC parts

Found 4th Sep 2017
Has anyone grabbed a good deal in the past on PC components? If so where from and what was the saving from usual pricing at the time?

RAM and GPU prices have gone up but we're starting to see GPU deals again. Are we likely to see 8gb ram going back down to £40 or go up again.

I'm intending to build a PC in stages, so would like to buy components at the best time/value.

Thanks in advance
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dozstanford2 h, 48 m ago

Firstly, don't buy a PC in "stages", save up or buy a prebuilt with 12 …Firstly, don't buy a PC in "stages", save up or buy a prebuilt with 12 months interest free, PC tech moves at a fast pace and by the time you have bought your final purchase to build you will most doubtedly regret your first purchase, things can go wrong and you may find you have less money than you expected to finish the build and you may end up taking longer to complete and end up with out of date parts, and also not being able to test parts on receipt can cause problem later down the line if by slim chance you end up with a duff part.As for when to buy well there are always deals, Black Friday obviously, but also just after new tech is released and in the weeks before kids go back to school/college/uni.To my knowledge intel are soon to release i5/i7 8000 series CPU's, although AMD's Ryzen seems to be flavour of the month at the moment, as for GPU's well sadly due to supply and demand good deals will be a bit of a rarity till the next gen starts to appear.

Thanks for the advice. I don't intend to prolong my build longer than 3 months. This month I'd like to have the case & motherboard sorted. Next month ram and CPU. Final "black Friday" month for the GPU. I already have PSU, HDD and OS sorted.
great time to pick up an intel processor, the ryzen caused a price war and intel forced to drop price. I'd recommend getting the OS installed on M.2 if you can afford it. I run on a 1070 SC, great card for the money. I5 6600k with that. You can always wait for new gen, meanwhile your missing out on gaming, so what's the point? Get the best processor you can, GPUs and ram are easy to install and upgrade. I'd disagree with the first response and say that part of the fun is gradually upgrading the spec of your pc, that's why they're designed fairly modular.
I would like to see ram price decease, I am building mine now, I suggest get the ram first because the price is changing a lot at the moment, but the motherboard price is steady. Amazon has some preorder offer for ram, could get very good deals on ram sometimes
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