Is it worth waiting for the New Years sales this year?

    I've been holding out for a 65" Hisense TV, it's been at some really good prices on and other websites, and of course since the middle of November we've been absolutely saturated with various "sales".

    A few years ago, before we adopted Black Friday, and Boxing Day sales didn't start on the 24th of December, you were pretty much guaranteed to get a decent tech deal on the 1st of January. While the Hisense TV is at a lower price, is it worth holding out or will the January sales just be a regurgitated price from two weeks ago?


    The January sales started on the 24th Dec in some places this year. :P

    Id wait for the new year sales next year as this years started a very long time ago

    "Sales" every day of the year these days somewhere..... but if you can wait a year it will be on clearance somewhere. Sorry I can't be of more help but the crystal ball is playing up a bit.
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