Is Legal protection on car insurance worth it?

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Found 4th Jun 2007
Hiya all,

I am about to redo my car insurance... (about £300 )
and am wondering about legal protection - which will cost another £30 or so..

I dont plan on having an accident! but how useful is it? With the growth of no-win / no-fee legal stuff is it worth the money?




I don't know about this but apparently if you do insurance through Quidco, You get a lot of cash back, Might be worth weighing up that.


You can get it much cheaper via any insurance broker. You should definitely think about getting it, as it covers the cost of claiming through the courts against anyone who has no insurance, otherwise you might find yourself unable to make a claim against them unless you take action against them yourself (& pay for it yourself). With legal insurance all your costs are covered. The no win/no fee companies will only take you on if you have a really good chance of winning, & then they take up to 30% in costs.

Go to any insurance broker & ask for a quote for legal insurance, you won't have to pay £30!

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Cis_groupie - Thanks for the post - didnt even cross my thoughts to do that

Iom-RF - Yeah i was looking at that, the issue is that I am on rather a tight budget this month and it seems that the quotes with quidco come in higher...
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