Is linux a good operating sysytem?

    Hi is linux any good?can u use software live live messenger,word etc on it?i only ask as i have nexver used it before and friends tell me its good


    Linux isn't an operating system, it's an umbrella term for a multitude of different Unix like operating systems based on the Linux kernel.

    You can't use Messenger, Word etc. on it directly as they are Microsoft products and Microsoft don't like their products on competing OS's, particularly the free ones, although there are several ways to get these things running if that's your cup of tea. E.g. Virtualisation, WINE etc.

    Although there are free open source versions of all those products available, e.g. Open Office and Pidgin for Word and Messenger respectively.

    If you fancy giving it a try Ubuntu: is a good place to start. :thumbsup:

    I think Megalomaniac covered everything well.

    Linux - comes in many variety's or as many like to call them flavours. Some have very graphical based operating systems, some almost look identical to Windows. Ubuntu i think would be a good starting point.

    I used a Linux system for the first time just over a year ago, and despite no Microsoft product being made for Linux there are plenty of choice of alternative products available, that do the same job, sometimes much better. You also have the option as Megolomaniac said of using programs like WINE which basically emulate Windows so then you could use these programs.

    The thing i love about Linux systems is the amount is the help available. Plenty of forums, message boards etc. full of knowledgeable people willing to help, even explain things to noobs in simple terms to help them learn.

    Also the risk of malicious attacks by things like virus's are greatly reduced on a Linux system, having said this the only bad point i have against Linux is for games. If you enjoy playing the latest games then you may have problems. For everything else it is wonderful, but be prepared to learn.

    ]http//ww…tml is a useful page offering suggestions for alternative applications under Linux that are the nearest equivalents to popular Windows applications.

    Also, for strobez1977, as well as WINE, it's possible to use virtualization to run Windows under Linux and also to dual-boot to Windows on the bare metal (may be necessary to achieve best performance in games and some other classes of application). The best way to view Linux, though, is not as a 'better Windows' but as the entirely different operating system that it is; nearly everything is different - sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

    if its a 2nd pc then yes, its hard to totaly live without windows
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