Is Mansfield in the nhs catchment area for Chesterfield Calow and Sheffield Hallamshire Hospitals?

    Strange one been searching for hours.
    We are moving to the Chesterfield area so i can see a Neurologist at Calow and Neurosurgeon at the Hallamshire as they are the most experienced in the country for my condition, Hubby has just got a job offer in Mansfield so wondered if anyone knows if we move to Mansfield are we still in the catchment area or do we still need to live closer to Chesterfield.


    I dont think it does because that will fall under the kings mill hospital for general stuff and queens medical centre for surgeries/more intensive care. Mansfield is Nottinghamshire whereas Chesterfield is Derbyshire, although Chesterfield does fall under the Sheffield post-code area.

    Chesterfield to mansfield isnt too far anyway for a commute maybe 20-25 minutes town to town.

    But a warm welcome to "Chez vegas" any local info you want just ask as I'm chesterfield born and bred, if you dont mind me asking what area of chesterfield you moving to?

    Sorry to hear you need a neuro surgeon and hope all goes well.


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    Thanks i know Chesterfield fairly well lived in Matlock a few years back. We are looking at Calow, West Walton and Bolsover mainly but thought about checking out houses in Mansfield too. My Parents are in Cromford so need to be close to them too so me being ill doesn't affect his work too much anymore.
    I went to chesterfield this week and not much has changed glad to hear the Bradbury club has gone, pure desperation to get out of Matlock was strong but not that strong lol


    glad to hear the Bradbury club has gone

    I agree on that it was nothing but trouble, its luxury apartments now isnt it? I think they are something to do with Steve Perez who owned VK!

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    oooo maybe i should get a luxury appartment then lol


    oooo maybe i should get a luxury appartment then lol

    Nah its just another name for block of flats:p the riverside ones look nice though just out of town on your way to calow and the ones on the old bonkins site!

    Im not sure if it is in the catchment area although i live in chesterfield and i got referred to a neurosurgeon at the hallamshire a few years back so is this a new thing chesterfield are specialised in?

    Ive recently come out of the royal hospital from an op and i was overwhelmed by the treatment and care i recieved, it was out of this world

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    Chesterfield have Neurologists and their patients see Neurosurgeons at the Hallamshire. For my condition i reguarly see both and the Hallamshire is up with the best for my condition.

    the catchment areas are not always county lines NHS wouldn't make it easy! In Northampton i had my Neuro and travelled to Oxford for my Neurosurgeon and central London for my eye surgeon and had surgery last week in Birmingham.

    I will call some GPs and health authority on Tuesday why do we always get these ideas when everything is closed and never on a weekday?! lol
    Seen a few nice houses in Langwith pretty sure that will be in the Calow catchment.
    Thanks for the help guys

    As you have already touched upon the most "official" way of confirming this is to talk to the PCT and ask if they commission Neurological services from the hospitals you mention......I'll see if I can find the tel number of the PCT that covers Mansfield.

    Edit - I think it is Nottinghamshire PCT - Link below gives more details…5N8

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    I've already got the number thanks just thought i try pot luck of someone from Mansfield on here to let me know before i confirm on Tuesday

    This booklet will probably give the answer - as it outlines which hospitals provide services to the PCT for Neurology etc…pdf

    How about this:

    Patient choice

    From April 2008, all patients registered with an English GP will have the right to choose from any NHS funded provider following a referral to a hospital consultant. The only exceptions will be cases requiring speed of access, such as suspected cancer and chest pains, in addition to maternity and mental health services.…ice

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    The GP gives a you a choice of 2 or more but you can't go anywhere still i think they delayed the changes i can't remember the reason now though.

    It does have Calow in the list and i know the Neuros there work together with Sheffield so could be ok thanks guys will confirm on Tuesday fingers crossed as i can get a bigger house for the money in Mansfield
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