Is Mass Effect any good???

    how long does it take loli need a long game and this will get rid of th 8 quid ive got kicking about

    7.95 delivered from MyMemory


    hell of a game, bought it for the third time the other day determined to complete it this time, its an rpg though so it will take you hours

    I dunno, i was a bit "meh" with it...........

    I brought it never played it sold it. My mate says its great though.

    As good as fallout 3...


    As good as fallout 3...

    Which was plop :whistling:

    I give it 8 out of 10.

    Level designs (read: layouts of the various hideouts/mining camps/etc...) were a bit repetitive here and there. Other than that it is a very compelling game, with a great story line and some nice eye candy. :thumbsup:

    Should probably play it again, now that I have the new PC with the better graphics.


    Which was plop :whistling:

    LOL.............. I assume you're joking..........

    best game I played on the 360

    I played it after finishing Fallout 3.
    Mass Effect is a good game, and for under a tenner, a bargain :thumbsup:


    LOL.............. I assume you're joking..........

    Nope. Now Oblivion is an awesome game. I had Fallout 3 on 360 and PC as i heard it was good plus double the achievements but it was utter gash. Oblivion was 10x better.


    I thought it was rubbish. Then again, I thought the same about fallout3.

    Guess I dont like role playing games!

    i loved it.... depends how u play it (if u go to all the planets and fully explore, how long it takes you to read the text, if you're an achievement wh*re etc) but could take 20 hours (main quest and few side quests) to 50+ hours...

    mass effect 2 is coming out early next year and they've said if you keep your mass effect save files, all the decisions made in the first game will continue to have influences on their character in the sequel (which is quite cool - esp as the game is a triliogy!)

    p.s. the elevator scenes will drive u nuts!!
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