Is modern warfare 2 broken?

Found 11th Feb 2011
Not played for ages due to xbox live running out. Bought a month and tried to play, in the lobby it just says " testing matches - (cycles from zero to 100%) 0/50 good games. 50 potential games. We need to find 7 more players"

Been like that for 20 mins or so at least. Just had a quick bash at halo online, so my connection is fine?

Any thing I could try to get a game?
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Dunno about the 360, but it's been broken on PS3 for a couple of months.
Used to get that now and again. Don't know what caused it, but the odd re-boot of the router solved it.
The PS3 version was riddled with hackers. Not seen any for a while though. Been playing last two weekends and haven't found any about, pretty fair games to be honest.
Yer I no wats up. Your nat settings on router / xbox are set to strict. You need to ajust the settings to moderate or open. Reset the router. Then go to Your Internet settings on xbox and setup network then your setting should change to moderate or open. If you don't want to do that you can jump in off your freinds that are playing the game. I no this because my wife plays aswell so whoever gose on first is open/moderate and whoever gose on second are strict. Hppe this helps you.
Could be NAT, but I remember getting it even with an open NAT as well. So kept dashing and going back in until it worked.
It randomly started working after another 20 mins or so. Was glitching like crazy first game, then since then was fine. It goes through 2 switches before it gets to my router, so that could be part of it

I still suck BTW
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