is a legit site?

    is this a legit site?…tml
    anyone used them before? was their service any good?

    thanks in advance


    100% Legit :thumbsup:

    yeah, great service, they use loads of packaging!

    Original Poster

    excellent! do you know how quick they are with dispatching and how long it actually takes for the item to be delivered?
    anyone used any products from the brand 'PhD'?

    Ive used monstersupps before.

    PhD is good stuff, Pharma Whey 100% man. Im now trialling some Optimum Nutrition stuff

    takes for ever to deliver, what are you after

    my protien is the way to go if you just after a protien shake

    Original Poster

    cool, wanted to order lean phd lean degree and phd diet whey. can anyone recommend any other fat burners and protein shakes? are there any other sites that people have used?
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