Is my cats name ok for both sexes?

    Just been to the vets to see if Rafferty was ready to be neutered. He's a ginger and white kitten. except when we went into see the vet nurse she said he's a she. We were shocked cos rafferty was from the rspca and they recomended we get a boy cos there more child friendly...
    Just wondering if anyone thinks the name is ok for a female


    nope cat will end up ghey


    you can call your cat whatever you want ...does it really matter?

    that happened to us we already had one cat called yoda and we got another kitten and called it princess leia lol then as she got older she grew some balls lol we never call our cats by there names weve started calling them big boy and little boy now for some reason. i remember an old cat i had who kept spraying so i took him to be neutered droped him off at the vets then half an hour later the vet rang to say he had already been done, he was a stray id took in.

    It's a cool name for either :o)

    The cat doesn't care if it has a girl's or boy's name!

    If shes still a kitten change the name now to avoid confusion. If shes young enough she'll learn iher new name soon enough. That or call her Mrs Rafferty.

    I was told that cats like names that end in 'y' because it makes your voice high pitched at the end. I don't think Rafferty is a particularly male name anyway - I like Teraomi's idea of called it Mrs Rafferty!


    It's likely to be bullied when it goes to school.

    You should be ashamed of yourself. I bet you won't even change over the boyz toyz you gave it.
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