Is my computer compatible?

    Hi, This is my first post and Im new and need some advice please...

    I recently purchased a computer from DELL.. C521...

    Here's the link to it:…t=1

    I dont have a problem with this computer but I would like to know if the GPU is want to buy for it will be compatible with the computer... because the PCI-e slot seems to be smaller than my other computer... or is is just because the chassie is small? Im not really sure... If anyone could give me some advice I would be most greatful...

    The link to the GPU Im interested in:…htm



    That link brings up a page with several models on it, which is the exact one you bought? New computers should be compatible with other new hardware but if you tell me the exact model then I can check if it'll fit.

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    Which link? the computer model is the dell C521 and the model of the GPU is 7600GT silent cooler...

    that graphs card looks like its a double width card.... It will need to take up an additional PCI slot space to allow for the cooler. however, im not totally sure on the slot sizes on the back of that C521. Does it already have a dedicated GPU, or are you using on-board graphs atm?

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    Im using the on-board (intergrated) GPU at the moment...

    I think I'v only got one PCI-e slot though?

    thats fine, you only need one PCI-e slot, its just that is a double width card and its going to take up the space next to it ie the PCI slot next to it. Do you have room to fit it in? You may have to remove the 56k modem card that Dell may have put in one of the PCI's to make room lol

    Do you really need that particular one with the cooling? I have an XFX 7600gt XXX edition single width card which does the jobs i ask it to just nicely...


    Which link? the computer model is the dell C521 and the model of the GPU … Which link? the computer model is the dell C521 and the model of the GPU is 7600GT silent cooler...

    Sorry, I didn't see the model number in your original post. :?

    The spec says that the computer has 1 x PCI-e and 1 x PCI-e x16 (which should be graphics) so it should be fine. Also, judging by the picture of the internals there should be anough space to fit the extra width:

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    Hi, sorry for the late reply...

    Thanks for your replies. I dont have a modem card in there so it should be ok rite? but i do have a wireless adapter in the PCI slot, will i have to remove this, or should it be ok?

    Well, I was planning on getting this card, I think its had mostly good reviews and cooling system improves the performance of the GPU so I thought its mite be a good investment... I think...

    Thanks to both of you for all your help.

    Forgot to mention that (according to the specs) it also has a regular PCI slot, which I presume is where your wireless card goes so it would be ok to keep this in but only if the size of the cooler in the PCI-e x16 slot doesn't get in the way. Is the PCI slot right next to the PCI-e x16 slot or is the other PCI-e slot in between the two?

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    I think, From the top... Its the PCI slot which they put the modem in, I dont have that though. Then the PCI-es...

    I only have the wireless adapter so Thats just he top one thats used... the bottom two are free... Should that be OK then?

    I dont know the size of the cooler, I have been on the website but it doesn't show how big the cooler or the whole GPU is.

    Sorry you may have noticed I dont know much about computer components.
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