Is my external hard drive dead?

    It says usb not recognized on computer :x


    try it on another puter to test...

    Hi MB ....No not dead, probably just getting old & tired ............ turn everything off, reboot & try again this normally works for me with stuff like this good luck !

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    Cheers will try those two. I got loads of movies stored on it and games.

    One of mine died the other week (maxtor pos), every episode of Top Gear (amongst others) up the swanny. Mine wouldn't even spin up though, so if yours does, worst case scenario, take it out of the box and fit it in your PC :thumbsup:

    try another usb port and or reboot your computer.

    are you on vista?
    if so it may be the old dissappearing driver issue. easily fixed if so.

    other causes may be lack of power (try using one of the 2 into 1 usb leads)

    its unlikely the drive itself has failed with that error. but the caddy might have. but i doubt it.
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