Posted 13 hours ago

Is my hdmi port broken on my TV?

I have just bought a brand new TV. I have the other two hdmi ports working fine but the third one just displays this. I want to run the new dvd player from this hdmi port. The player works when I plug it in either or the other two.

How can this port not work on a new TV !!?

Please help
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    Interesting fault.. I'll keep researching.

    LG I assume, do you have the model number please.
    One thing I can recommend, connect to the internet and perform a software update if you haven't already.
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    Weirdly enough I turned it off at the mains and turned it back on and the port works now. Wtf
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    It probably missed the handshake or you have an out of spec cable.
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    HDMI cables are quits fussy. Avoid £1 ones!
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    Plug the DVD into one of the other HDMI ports.  If the fault travels - it’s the cable/dvd player.  If it doesn’t - it’s the port.
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